Apomorphine Versus Addiction


This site would not have been possible without the support and contributions of several people and if I have missed you out I apologise. At first pass I would like to extend my gratitude to Ben Fargen, Gee Vaucher, Emma Friedmann, David Riccardo, Simon Y Sweeney, Jonathan Naess, Rhoda Brenan, Andrew Buchanan, Bec Carmel, Nick Sayers, Nic Cary, Anna-Lise Goetzche, Isabelle Baudron, Zac Russell, Fee Scott, Elle Sweeney, Jamie Greco, Dave Pintilie, Dominic Thackray, Katharine and Maurice George but mainly ALD and JYS.

I would also like to extend especial gratitude to CL, without whom none of this would have happened. Cheers.

And naturally to Elle, Bex, Sam, James, Annabelle, Siobhan, Lucy, Hannah, Jude, Ruth, Neil, Hugo, Henry, Frea, Tilly, Bonny………..

Dedicated to all those who struggle with addiction.



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  1. Julie says:

    Power, Powerlessness and Addiction – Cambridge Books …

    • apoandaddiction says:

      On first glance it would appear that Orford’s book and this site spring from the same raisin d’être: that public health should seek to minimise harm.

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